Player Information

Pranjal Kumar

  IIT Dharwad

Category :- Men
Blood Group :- O+
  • Ck01 Cricket Tournament
Biggest Motivator :- I loved to watch sachin tendulkar playing and playing the sport since 1995.
Nickname :- Dew
Medal Count :- Playing inter iit for the first time
Favourite Athlete :- Sachin tendulkar
Your fitness Mantra :- Sweat out as much as gyming, running or playing.

0 Gold Medal(s)

0 Silver Medal(s)

0 Bronze Medal(s)

Player Schedule

Men's Team - Dec. 11, 2018

IIT Bombay won by 5 wickets

Group E
8 a.m.
Ground 2
IIT Bombay


IIT Dharwad
Men's Team - Dec. 12, 2018

IIT Kharagpur won by 55 runs

Group E
12:30 p.m.
Ground 1
IIT Kharagpur


IIT Dharwad


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