Player Information

Sumanth Varambally

  IIT Delhi

Category :- Men
Blood Group :- B+
  • Wl02 Weight Lifting Under 56 Kg
Biggest Motivator :- The feeling of having those weights above your head.
Medal Count :- 0
Favourite Athlete :- The best version of the athlete i can ever be.
Your fitness Mantra :- Make your body cry during practice, watch it laugh when it lifts those weights

0 Gold Medal(s)

0 Silver Medal(s)

0 Bronze Medal(s)

Player Schedule

MEN's Team UNDER 56 KG - Dec. 15, 2018
8 a.m.

Player Details

Player's Name College's Name Score Medal
Sunil Kumar Jat IIT Bombay -1
Ajay Dangi IIT Bombay -1
Saurav Kr Gupta IIT (BHU)Varanasi -1
Haneesh Bhagat IIT (BHU)Varanasi -1
Aadil Khan IIT Madras -1
Gulam Ahmed Raza IIT Madras -1
Neeraj Meena IIT Kanpur -1 BRONZE
Madhav Singh IIT Dhanbad -1
Pradeep Dhaka IIT Kharagpur -1
Sumanth Varambally IIT Delhi -1
Jogesh IIT Roorkee -1 GOLD
Sarthak Chauhan IIT Roorkee -1 FOURTH
Soumarup Bhattachary IIT Kanpur -1 SILVER


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