Player Information

Vishal Thakur

  IIT Mandi

Category :- Men
Blood Group :- O+
  • Bt01 Badminton Tournament
Biggest Motivator :- Pullela gopichand and lee chong wei
Nickname :- Vishu
Medal Count :- Zero
Favourite Athlete :- Lee chong wei
Your fitness Mantra :- As i play badminton and badminton requires cat like reflexes, flexibility, aerobic stamina and strength which makes me motivated towards my fitness and to give my best in badminton court.

0 Gold Medal(s)

0 Silver Medal(s)

0 Bronze Medal(s)

Player Schedule

Men's Team - Dec. 15, 2018

Mandi won by 3-1

Group E
2 p.m.
Court 3
IIT Mandi


IIT Hyderabad
Men's Team - Dec. 16, 2018

Bombay won by 3-1

Group E
4 p.m.
Court 2
IIT Bombay


IIT Mandi
Men's Team - Dec. 17, 2018

Dhanbad won by 3-0

Quarter Final
6 p.m.
Court 1
IIT Mandi


IIT Dhanbad