Tourist Attraction

Guwahati is situated in the foothills of the Shillong Plateau and blessed by the everflowing mighty Brahmaputra. The earliest mention of this ancient city can be found in the puranas and other religious scriptures. Owing to the time that this city has been around, it has its own rich share of history, culture and cuisine.

The city of Guwahati boasts of the ancient Shakti temple of Goddess Kamakhya, the ancient astrological temple Navagraha, and archaeological remains in Basistha. This region is also home to diverse wildlife including rare and at risk animals like asian elephants, pythons, tigers, rhinoceros, Indian Bison, primate species and endangered birds.

Currently Guwahati is the largest urban area of the north-east and one of the fastest growing cities of India. It is also a major educational and sports hub of the Northeast India. Which has groomed the likes of Hima Das, Shiva Thapa and Jayanta Talukdar.

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